Extra Deep Walk-in Bathtub

Our deepest walk-in bathtub is available for bathers that require more leg room and want comfort and ease of use in their tub.

Size: 30″ W x 55″ L x 46″ H

Deep Walk-in Bathtub for your home

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Extra Deep Walk-in Bathtub Details

Our Extra-Deep Walk-in Bathtub boasts an additional 6 inches of water depth that allow for full submersion of the upper body. Modeled after Japanese-style soaking tubs, the deep bathtub is the deepest walk-in tub on the market today. This walk-in tub model is simply the best option for deep soaking. This model comes with a 5-inch wide extension kit that can fill in a 60-inch space or be cut to tailor the fit to less than 60 inches.

This extra-deep walk-in tub is highly recommended for those over 6 feet tall, but it is still an excellent option for those of average height who desire a luxuriously deep soak. Given the significantly higher water level, the hydro-massage jets of one of our industry-leading therapy systems can be placed higher to target the mid and upper back, making this model perfect for those with a longer torso. With its 29-inch width, the deep tub can fit through most doorways, reducing installation costs. However, an in-home evaluation of the bathroom is always suggested prior to installation.

Size: 30″ W x 55″ L x 46″ H

Therapeutic Spa Options

Hydromassage System

  • 10 individually adjustable water jets
  • Ultra-quiet 1-horsepower pump
  • Automatic air mixture for a more vigorous massage
  • Exclusive easy-touch electronic control panel
  • Plumbing engineered to ensure proper drainage
  • Patented “safety suction” water return

Air Massage System

  • 18 low-profile brass air jets
  • Whisper-quiet CG Air™ blower
  • Exclusive easy-touch electronic control panel
  • Ceramic heating element in the blower warms the air bubbles
  • Purge cycle clears residual water from the air channels between baths

Dual Massage System

  • Integrated Hydro-massage and Air Massage systems
  • 16 air jets and 10 water jets
  • Exclusive easy-touch Air + Water combined electronic control panel


  • The aromatherapy system uses all-natural essential oils and comes with a starter pack to help you find the perfect scent


  • Three LED lights are positioned to illuminate your bath, promoting relaxation and tranquility

Standard Features

  • 6-inch door threshold
  • Guaranteed leak-proof door
  • ADA-compliant 17-inch high seat
  • Textured anti-slip floor
  • Contoured tub seat and back rest
    Huntington Brass Speedy-Fill ADA-compliant chrome faucet set with retractable handspray
  • Polished steel interior grab bar
  • Welded stainless steel frame with ample floor and seat support
  • White or bisque high-sheen gel-coat finish over woven fiberglass body
  • Westbrass cable actuated drain and overflow kit
  • Two easy-access maintenance panels
  • Right-hand or left-hand door
  • Stainless steel door hinge and ergonomic door handle
  • Six adjustable leveling feet to ensure door seal integrity
  • Extension kit that can fill in 60-inch space or be cut to tailor the fit to less than 60 inches

Options & Accessories

  • Incorporated heater to warm your bath
  • Ozone purification system for automatic sanitization of the air and/or hydromassage systems
  • Shower slide bar for taking seated or standing showers
  • Wall grab bar
  • Temperature mixing valve to ensure desired water temperature
  • Straight or L-Shaped shower rod, hooks & curtain (specifically designed for walk-in tubs)
  • Special finish faucet sets available
  • End panel for walk-in tub installed against two walls rather than three
  • Open-cell, easy-to-clean seat cushion
  • Open-cell, easy-to-clean bathing pillow
  • Bathing support harness for those with special needs
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