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Buy an Air Massage Walk-in Bathtub and get the same quality features and construction of our soaker baths, including optional hydromassage and air massage models.

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Relaxing Air Bubble Massage

The same quality features and construction of our soaker baths are built into all our air massage walk-in bathtubs, including optional hydro-massage and air massage models.

Enjoy the harmony of air, water and bubbles as 18 state-of-the-art chrome air jets deliver exquisite therapeutic massage with the soothing comfort of thousands of warm air bubbles with our one of kind air massage walk-in bathtub.

The variable-speed touch pad controls are easy to understand and easy on the fingers. Choose between wave mode (speed varies gradually) and pulse mode (speed automatically alternates between maximum and minimum). You can buy an air massage walk-in bathtub from our highly referred walk-in bathtub company as well as others, but before you do, know that our goal is to make sure you get an air massage bathtub that fits your health needs and we will make sure you get the right tub.

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  • 18 state-of-the-art chrome air jets
  • CG Air Systems blower powering air jets is quietest in the world
  • Blower’s ceramic heater preheats air for body comfort
  • Following shutoff, air jets self-clean automatically, and blower’s automatic cleaning cycle purges excess water from air lines, maintaining a sterile massage system
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